Land Department

All the land related permissions and approval of MIDC which includes regional office and head office of the MIDC.

Land Department Services

  • MIDC plot can be transferred to other individual / company for setting up their unit with prior approval from MIDC. MIDC may accord approval for transfer of plot on some conditions and by charging transfer premium.

  • MIDC after scrutiny of the application may take the note of Changes in shareholding pattern of the private limited company / Partners in partnership firm which could be within blood relation / outside blood relation without charges or by charging STF/Differential premium.

  • Allotment of Plot under Priority category

    MIDC allots plot on priority basis under Expansion, FDI Investments, Mega Projects, Fortune Global -500 / Economics Times -200 companies.

  • Plot allotted by MIDC needs to be utilised by obtaining BCC by doing minimum construction i.e, 40% and going into production within requisite time as per the MIDC policy. If BCC isn’t obtained within the given time, then Extension of time limit is to be acquired from MIDC for obtaining the BCC.

    MIDC grants Extension of time after considering what effective steps have been taken by the plot holder and on payment of extension charges.

  • MIDC on request grants permission to Mortgage the plot and execute the Tripartite agreement (between the owner, MIDC and the financial institution) for getting financial assistance from financial institutions.

  • Predetermined Lease is required to be executed with MIDC before applying for Mortgage consent. Predetermined lease is need to be executed when somebody needs financial assistance from a financial institution to start a project.

    Final Lease is not required to be executed once Predetermined Lease is executed with MIDC.

  • After issuance of BCC Final Lease needs to be executed with MIDC to establish the title of the plot. Condition for execution of Final Lease with obtaining BCC is mentioned in Agreement to Lease which has been executed earlier between MIDC and plot holder at the time of allotment of plot.

  • MIDC gives approval for change in the name of the company on scrutiny of the application. MIDC also take note for change in address of the company.

  • MIDC gives Sub-Letting / Sub-Lease permission for Sub-letting / Sub-Lease of a part / entire area of the plot which is not being utilised, to a third person on recovery of charges.

  • MIDC grants permission for Sub-division of one plot in to two or more plots after checking the feasibility as per DC rules of MIDC.

  • MIDC grants permission for Amalgamation of two or more plots for waiver of marginal space after checking the feasibility as per DC rules of MIDC.

  • Permission for change in manufacturing activity on plot is granted by MIDC after scrutiny of the application and approval from environment department.

  • MIDC may grant permission for change in Land use from Industrial to Commercial and vice-versa after taking approval of concerned departments.

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